Search Engines are getting smarter. Are You?

Introducing the only team that can shield you from the wrath of Search Engines and their freakin animals! You know what we mean, ain't you ?

What is SEO?

Some say it is an art, others say it's Garbage!

The usual definition is building links and links and more links......and then finally being eaten by a Panda or a Penguin ! Hang on these animals were herbivorous ,weren't they ? Well, perhaps Big G genetically modified them so as to make them go after naughty people or better yet, naughty websites!

Our definition of SEO!

Conquer your fears and face the animals !

SEO is not just about building backlinks, its all about creating a high quality website which can be easily crawled by search engines yet being equally engaging and informative to the human eye.When we engage in SEO for any client, we do everything straight out of the manual.

Is it Matt Cutt's autobiography ? Duh, it's the publicly available Google's Webmaster's Guidelines.

The Essence of SEO......!

SEO is not about how it is performed , its all about how it is adapted to the prevailing conditions..!

Services that are on offer!

We are not offering a truckload of services, nor are we promising the world to you.We only offer what we excel at!

Always at your Service..!

From logo design to website development, hand-picked designers and developers are ready to complete your new project.

We Won't Spam Your Website.

We won't spam your website through low quality blog comments or cheap PBN post links.Each link we build would be valuable and difficult to obtain normally.

We Won't Spam your Anchor Text ratios.

We won't spam your anchor text ratio by building exact match anchor text links.We would use branded as well as LSI Keywords wherever possible.

We Would Continuously Monitor Your Rankings.

Rank tracking is provided by default on all the SEO packages so as to enable you to track the work done by us.Monthly reports in the form of excel sheets are also provided periodically.

Everything seems awesome but...

Will there be trust issues with us :/ ?

Frankly speaking, we don't have a big social media presence nor do we have fake testimonials to brag about.On the flip side we keep our client's website/URL information highly confidential.What we can definitely assert is the fact that we are fully engrossed in our work and excel at it.This can only be proved if potential clients like you take a risk by counting on us! Our existence directly comes from our clients only.

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